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Everlasting Floral Bouquet

Everlasting Floral Bouquet

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A mix of dried and preserved flowers and greenery spiralled together and finished in white kraft wrap.

Dried flowers are a great alternative to fresh flowers and if cared for correctly, your dried flowers are zero waste and can last you for years to come.


In your choice of colour palette.

Pinks - Pink tones ranging from bright to soft pastels.

Pastels - soft pastels tones

Whites/Neutrals - whites, greens and earthy tones.

Brights - A colourful mix of vibrant tones.


Order before 1.30pm for same day delivery Local Whangarei.

*While similar each bouquet will vary slightly, and some flowers may differ due to availability.

**Some flowers used may be artificial such as pampas & cotton.


Dried Flower Care:

Dried and preserved florals are delicate. Keep them out of reach from children and pets.

Keep away from water and humidity - Do not place in water or in a humid area such as a bathroom or above the kitchen sink. If your dyed or preserved florals begin to weep or leak colouring, dry them out in a cool dry place.  

Keep out of bright light - To keep your dried floral bouquet from fading, place your arrangement in a shady place out of direct and bright indirect sunlight.

To clean your dried flowers - Spray your dried florals with a few puffs of canned air duster (used to clean electronics) or clean with a hair dryer on a low, no-heat setting. If dust persists, gently wipe with a cloth or feather duster. 

For extra protection, spray with an aerosol UV protectant/clear sealer spray. 

Care Instructions

When you first recieve your bouquet remove the wrapping, snip the stems at a 45 degree angle and place into fresh water.

For logevity of your flowers change your water and trim stems every 2-3 days.

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